German five-piece heavy doom rock formation DUST
was founded in October 1998 by Igor Popovic (dr.),
Kay Grossmann (g.) and Christoph „Heiland“ Kröger (g.).

the line-up was completed by Olli Karic on vocals
and Thomas Kröger on bass, who was replaced by
Thomas “Doc” Pflug in Winter 2005.

The musical influences of the band are pretty versatile
and include a large spectrum reaching from
70´s Psychedelic Space Rock to Doom- and Death Metal
of the 80´s.
Some important bands for DUST are obviously:
Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Saint Vitus or Pentagram
but also acts like Celtic Frost, Entombed and Bathory.



Olympus Trip – 1998

Smell the burning (EP) – 2001

DUST s/t – 2002

Reblown (EP) – 2005

High Density Amplitude – 2006

Receive the Frequency – 2008

Distortion Empire – 2012